I have had a neck injury for years after being hit by a drunk driver from behind which resulted in severe whiplash and the loss of the normal curvature of my cervical spine. I refuse to use anything other than Ibuprofen when the pain gets to be unbearable, so I mostly just live with it. I cannot put into words how much the Quantum-Touch has not only helped but alleviated all my pain! I originally thought how can this really help, but OMG after 3 nights of sleep without pain I am a true believer!! One session has done more for me then months of physical therapy and several trips to the chiropractor! Thank you, Lynda. You are my new hero, and I will be back, along with my special needs daughter!

Thank you, Lynda, for your wonderful hands. You always help me so much. There are no words for what you can do. You rock!